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Friday, January 18, 2019
10 - 11 AM - PDT
The Michael Slate Show

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This week's show:
Alvaro Huerta on Mexican Immigration to the US; Bob Avakian on Women's Oppression; The Cabeza 9 on Trial for Saving Migrants' Lives

Prof. Alvaro Huerta, "Brief History Notes on Mexican Immigration to the U.S."

Alvaro Huerta, assistant professor of urban and regional planning and ethnic and women’s studies at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, wrote in a recent piece, "While Mexican immigrants continue to be demonized and characterized as 'criminals,' 'drug dealers,' 'rapists,' 'illegal aliens' and 'invaders' by American leaders and millions of white citizens, they have essentially become 'foreigners in their own land.'" He lays bare the history of the US and Mexico, a history of the theft of half the territory of Mexico in a war of plunder, of broken treaties and the exploitation of generations of Mexican and other Latino immigrants as a key part of the foundation of the US economy -- even while the system continues to deny their basic humanity.

Bob Avakian Answers a Question on Capitalism and the Oppression of Women

On the eve of the Women's March, we'll hear a clip from Bob Avakian, Chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party, on why you can't end the oppression of women under the system of capitalism/imperialism. He responds to the question, "Why does private ownership of the means of production result in the oppression of women?" This is part of the Q&A that followed a talk given in several cities in the summer of 2018, Why We Need an Actual Revolution, and How We Can Really Make Revolution. To access the full film, plus clips and Q&A, go to

The Persecution of the Cabeza 9 -- Humanitarian Activists Arrested for Leaving Water in the Desert

The first in a series of trials of activists with No More Deaths, is nearing the end in a Tucson, Arizona courtroom. The activists are accused of various misdemeanors for leaving water, food, socks and blankets in the Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife Refuge on the southern border between Arizona and Sonora, Mexico. Since the early 2000's, US policy has been to use the deadly conditions on the border as a weapon, to deter migrants crossing the border. Over 3000 have died. The No More Deaths activists have declared, Humanitarian Aid is Never a Crime. We'll talk with Paige Corich-Kleim from No More Deaths. 

Hot Off the Press from

A “Wave”—Of Hype And Delusion?  Or What Humanity Needs— An ACTUAL Revolution!

Calling everyone who is in, or wants to be part of, the movement for an actual revolution —

We are inviting our readers to take the opportunity of what will be a weekend filled with protest and controversy, especially around the January 19 Women’s March, to boldly take out the revolution to people and challenge them to engage and be part of this.

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