Friday, April 17, 2015

Join a Team to Bring the Revolution to the

150,000 people attend the Festival of Books, the largest book festival in the U.S.  Revolution Books has had a booth there every year to reach a crowd that is largely progressive and critically-minded.  This year we're bringing the historic Dialogue between Cornel West and Bob Avakian and the movement determined to continue the outpouring of thousands in the streets on April 14 against police murder.  Revolution Books has been instrumental in making all this happen, and we are part of the process of discovery - to find the answers to the biggest questions confronting humanity and the planet's survival.

Got an hour or more?  
Volunteers needed today and Friday to pack up and get ready for the festival.  Come by Revolution Books until 9pm tonight and noon -10 pm Friday.

And join us at Revolution Books booth
Sat. & Sun. April 18 & 19
Corner Booth #176 - Trousdale Parkway
University of Southern California

You are needed to introduce the bookstore to people 
with 5,000 of these palm cards:

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Come to the next Stop Mass Incarceration Meeting Thurs. evening to sum up April 14th achievements nationally and bring your ideas on how to go forward:

Thursday, April 16th, 6:30 pm 
United University Church 
on USC campus 
817 W. 34th St. 
(at Hoover and Jefferson) 

April 14: High school students in L.A. joining in. 

From Revolution Books and the Stop Mass Incarceration Network, So. Cal.:
We were proud to be part of shutting down business as usual across the country on April 14th to stop police murder and the slow genocide of Black and Latino people, and we will be part of continuing to shut it down!  Congratulations to all those who participated in large and small ways - you have been a part of something much bigger for the future of humanity!  Go to and for coverage and to send reports.  Read and share this editorial from about the day:

April 14: A "First Day of Spring..."
#ShutDownA14 in New York 
#ShutDownA14 in New York

Across the country on April 14, in cities and towns, on campuses and downtowns, heroic demonstrations SHUT IT DOWN, making an unmistakable statement, that could not be ignored: STOP police brutality and murder.
These demonstrations marked a real live "first day of spring" - breaking the pall of a very bloody winter, signaling that people are NOT going to take this.

A warm, revolutionary salute to everyone who made this happen: the families of people murdered by police who played such a critical role on challenging people to take a stand; people from among those who catch the most hell every day in this society who stood up and inspired others to step out with them; students-from inner city and college-prep high schools to universities-who walked out of school and made a statement that they refuse to accept a future of police murder and brutality; clergy who stood with the oppressed, putting their reputations and bodies on the line; public voices of conscience and artists who put their bodies and reputations on the line; and revolutionaries and all the activists in the movement to stop mass incarceration and murder by police who bent every effort to make this day happen.

The breadth of people and social forces that participated, the energy and moral strength of the youth, and the defiant determination of the actions around the country cannot be denied, and cannot be ignored.

At the same time, especially in New York as well as in other cities around the country, the police hit back with real viciousness. For this movement to get stronger, people have to have the backs of those who get arrested or attacked.

There is a great basis now, and a real need, to build on the inspiring actions that took place on April 14: to continue to reach out and draw forward prominent people, to involve broader and deeper forces in the religious communities, and to organize many more high school and college students through social media and other channels.

In his speech at the rally in New York City, Carl Dix posed this: "We are saying that we are NOT going to stop until this these horrors really are NO MORE and we no longer live in a society where people are gunned down like dogs by those who are supposed to be serving and protecting, but instead live in a society where ALL people can flourish and stand to their full human height." 
The facts, the reasons behind, and the ultimate solution to the national epidemic of police murders are found at Revolution Books. 
FLASH: All those arrested during L.A. 
April 14th shutdown actions have been released!  
Demand all the charges be dropped!
News Flash! In L.A. - all released, no felony charges. These heroic protesters spent more time in jail and are facing heavier charges than Darren Wilson, Daniel Panteleo and all the other cops who murdered unarmed innocent people.  Protestors arrested in downtown L.A. are charged with "unlawful assembly" and UCLA students are charged with "interference with police."  Call LAPD Chief Charlie Beck (213) 486-0150 and the LA County District Attorney's Office (213) 974-3512 to demand all charges be dropped!

See A Message from Carl Dix: THE MOVEMENT TO STOP MURDER BY POLICE TOOK BACK THE STREETS - Police Strike Back with Vicious Arrests-Drop All the Charges!

Friday, April 3, 2015

Saturday, April 4th, 9 AM
Join us at Revolution Books to Mobilize and
Organize People for #ShutDownA14

All Out to Stop Murder by Police


#ShutDownA14    A Call to STOP MURDER BY POLICE!
Listen to the archive of The Michael Slate Show this morning with:
*LaTonya Goldsby, cousin of murdered 12-year old Tamir Rice; 
*Uncle Bobby - Cephus Johnson - the uncle of Oscar Grant,
murdered by police in 2009; *Carl Dix, Revolutionary Communist
Party and Stop Mass Incarceration Network, speaking on
#ShutDownA14; and  *Jazz musician Steve Turre, talking about
"Trayvon's Blues," from his latest album, Spiritman. 
The Police Are STILL Killing Unarmed People,
and This Must STOP!
After the protests of last year, after promises were made and
investigations were launched, after hundreds of protesters were
arrested... the police are still getting away with killing people,
especially Black and Latino people.
Cornel West & Carl Dix
Monday April 6 7 pm EST (4 PM PST)
This event will be live-streamed & available for later viewing
Hear Cornel West and Carl Dix speak from New York about what needs to
 be done and massive national outpourings on April 14. #ShutDownA14
Special Messages from Alice Walker& Cindy Sheehan. Appearances by
families whose loved ones have been killed by police, Arturo O'Farrill,
The Peace Poets
* * * * * * * 
The crowd-funding campaign for #ShutDownA14 is 8% funded after 3 days. 
 Your donation -- of any amount -- is needed. Supply the materials to
 spread the movement!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Planet without Apes
Will Our Great Ape Cousins Survive the 21st Century?"

Powerpoint presentation and booksigning 
by USC professor Craig B. Stanford

Sunday, March 22nd, 3 PM

$10 donation at the door to support the work of Revolution Books

Planet Without Apes is the story of a tragic extinction that does not have to happen. The four living great apes - the chimpanzee, bonobo, gorilla and orangutan - are all precariously close to disappearing from the Earth. Join us for USC professor Craig Stanford's powerpoint presentation based on his latest book about this urgent situation facing human beings' closest relatives, including his prescient analysis of the ebola crisis before it arrived, and his research at Virunga National Park (recently seen in the Oscar-nominated documentary Virunga).
As he writes, "Planet Without Apes is an attempt to focus greater public attention on the very real possibility of the extinction of the great apes. The idea for writing such a book grew out of many years studying them in remote places and seeing the human threats to their existence first hand. Great apes have the deck stacked against them. If they are to survive to the twenty-second century and beyond, we will have to act swiftly."

Dr. Stanford, co-director of the USC Jane Goodall Research Center and professor of biological sciences in USC Dornsife, has studied the animals on three continents, including more than 20 years in East Africa and early years spent with famed primatologist Goodall.  Tune in to The Michael Slate Show on KPFK (90.7 FM) on March 20th, 10-11 AM to hear an interview with Dr. Stanford. 

Planet Without Apes with Dr. Craig Stanford
Planet Without Apes with Dr. Craig Stanford