Friday, May 22, 2015


Thanks to a generous gift from a friend of Revolution Books, we are offering a timeshare rental in Santa Fe, New Mexico from June 16 - 23.

This is a charming inn, which resembles the adobe structures around it. Accessible to all of Santa Fe, nearby Taos, Georgia O'Keefe's homes, and a blend of Native American, Mexican & American cultures.

This unit has one bedroom, one bath and sleeps a maximum of four. It has a fully-equipped kitchen. Laundry facilities in building; off-street parking provided.

TO SEE PICTURES OF RESORTS and details of units: Go to

PRICE: $900 for the week, Or Best Offer.  There is also a refundable cleaning fee.

Contact Revolution Books if you would like to rent this timeshare and help raise urgently-needed funds for the bookstore.  323.463.3500 or


Our planet is being ravaged by imperialism. Our youth are being murdered by police in epidemic numbers. Women face all manner of degradation and abuse. And a beautiful new rising has burst forth from Ferguson to Baltimore and beyond and broken open the moral, political and intellectual terrain. All this makes Revolution Books needed more now than ever.  
There's no place like Revolution Books.   It's where people come together - in a wide-range of programs and everyday conversations - to dig into the biggest issues confronting humanity.   It's where people delve into why the world is as it is, and why it doesn't have to be this way, but could be radically transformed through an actual revolution.   With a unique collection of books, Revolution Books is grounded in the re-envisioned communism of Bob Avakian, and it explores the wide spheres of intellectual and cultural life that must be a part of fighting for a new world.  Revolution Books is at the center of building a movement for revolution.
Your generous contribution will help ensure Revolution Books can fulfill its mission - which impacts the lives of literally millions - and make sure our doors stay open and greatly expand its influence.  
If You Missed Last Weekend's Tour, 
You Have One More Opportunity!

Join us Sat., May 23rd, 1 PM
Special Guided Tour of Art Exhibit: 

Remembering the 50th Anniversary of
the 1965 Watts Rebellion and N

Tour Guide: UCLA Professor
  Emeritus PAUL VON BLUM
At the Watts Towers, 1727 E. 107th St., LA 90002 
Free parking [map] 

                A Fundraiser to Support Revolution Books
          $25 / sliding scale - 
contact the bookstore to make your reservation
                                    Discount for Friends of Revolution Books

Exhibit curated by Rosie Lee Hooks & Michael Massenburg, featuring the following artists:
Lalo Alcaraz
Sharon Barnes
April Bey
Siobhán ÓMócháin Breathnach
Debby Brewer
Lavialle Campbell
Junco Cache
Kenneth Carnes
Dale Davis
Harry Drinkwater
George Evans
Al Khanasa
Alden Kimbrough
Toni Love
Michael Massenburg
Jay Messinger
Ernesto Yerena Montejano
Rosalyn Myles
Max Neufeldt
Noni Olabisi
Elliott Pinkney
Greg Pitts
Judson Powell
Noah Purifoy
Lilia Ramirez
Betye Saar
Ruth Saturensky
Leon Saulter
Arthur Secunda
Toni Scott
Joseph Sims
Gordon Wagner
A longtime friend of Revolution Books, Paul Von Blum is Senior Lecturer in African American Studies and Communication Studies at UCLA. His many writings include Paul Robeson for Beginners; Resistance, Dignity and Pride: African American Art in Los Angeles; and his memoir, A Life at the Margins: Keeping the Political Vision that chronicles almost 50 years of political activism, starting with his civil rights work in the South and elsewhere in the early 1960s.
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4. Give to our wish list: photocopying; videotaping events; social media and design skills; snacks for events; office, cleaning, paper supplies.

Fundraising BBQ: 
Put RCP Publications on Higher Ground!
Sunday, May 24th, 2 to 5 pm at
Rancho Cienega Park
, 5001 Rodeo Rd., LA 90016
East of La Brea, front BBQ area on Rodeo side
$5 to $20 donation or bring a dish for 5 people 

Times are changing... there is an ever greater urgency for the work of RCP Publications to impact society and the world. That work includes producing, Revolution newspaper, and promoting the work of Bob Avakian (BA) - a viable vision and strategy for a radically new, and much better, society and world, and crucial leadership for that. Read "An Urgent Fundraising Challenge: Put RCP Publications on Higher Ground"

Come to this BBQ on Memorial Day weekend, meet others who are part of an emerging movement for an actual REVOLUTION. Another world IS possible. Learn more about and be part of putting RCP publications on a much more solid, sustained financial platform, and able to reach everyone who is rebelling against and questioning the way things are and looking for a way out of this madness.

Bring your checkbook, your revolutionary change jars, your fundraising ideas, and your experience so far in this  fund drive.


Saturday, May 16, 2015

Hot topic discussion:
Monday, May 18, 7:30pm
Revolution Books

    The struggle for justice for Freddie Gray began when someone videotaped the murderous assault of the Baltimore police on a young man innocent of any crime. It gained momentum as people went into the streets, day after day. And it hit a high point in the rebellion of April 27. This rebellion--and then the way in which many other sections of society refused to stop fighting for justice, even after the rebellion was slandered and violently suppressed-forced the powers-that-be to file charges.
    There are high stakes--very high stakes--in what happens next. High stakes for the powers-that-be themselves--the capitalist-imperialists--who sit atop a world of exploitation and oppression of every kind....
    ....Even higher stakes for the oppressed and those who hate oppression, and for the revolutionaries leading the fight against that oppression. High stakes in mobilizing people to fight through and win this battle... and far higher stakes in bringing to people the word that there IS a solution to this, that revolution is possible, and that emancipation from this madness can be achieved, and in organizing people to carry forward that revolution.

Read the entire article here.

 We received the following from Stop Mass Incarceration Network:

A Call For Everyone To Be in Venice, at site of the LAPD murder of Brendon Glenn:
                     Sunday, May 17 at 2pm
                    52 Windward, Venice, CA 90291

Brendon Glenn's killing in Venice, CA is another towering outrage, especially coming on top of LAPD murder of Brother Africa on Skid Row and countless other innocent people.  We must not allow Brendon Glenn's murder to be pushed under the rug and covered up - and we cannot allow video of the shooting of Brendon Glenn to be hidden from the public under the signboard of "investigation" carried out by the
same police department (LAPD) which is responsible for the murder of Brendon Glenn, Brother Africa, Ezell Ford, Omar Abrego and hundreds of other people.  We demand justice for Brendan Glenn and for Matt Kenny who was killed in Madison and Freddie Gray in Baltimore.  This must stop!

Click here to read entire flyer.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

#302- RNL
Thursday, May 21st,  7:30 pm
Screening and discussion of the next excerpt from

Bob Avakian Live
"Socialism is Three Things"
As the editorial, "Going Back on the Offensive"), in Revolution newspaper and on on April 16 states:  
"The demonstrations against police murder on April 14 marked a new beginning for the struggle against this outrage. This is crucially important, for without mass struggle there can be no progress whatsoever and the powers-that-be will just hammer people into the ground. Further, these demonstrations had important potential significance for revolution-for finally getting free of a society in which murder by police continues to go on daily and more, and people continue to be oppressed more generally... a society in which the lives of Black and other oppressed people are treated as if they do not matter.  A14 was a great day, a great beginning-and now the challenge is to learn the lessons and take it further."  
To do that it is necessary to get steeped in the science of revolution as developed by BA.  This series is a critical part of the strategy for revolution - fighting the power, and transforming ourselves and the people, for revolution.  Join us to view and discuss this first section from the second disc of this profound talk.  And save every 1st and 3rd Thursday evening for this twice-monthly series.  Read more about the film here.

There is a particular importance to these ongoing sessions at Revolution Books providing people with an opportunity to dig into this film collectively and systematically.  These sessions are a chance to collectively, as a team of scientists, study and grapple with the work of the most advanced revolutionary scientist on the planet, discussing and struggling over how to understand the content and significance of this work, and deepening our own grasp and application of this science. This is an essential part of the process coming forward, getting orientation and training in a revolutionary method and approach.

"Yes, this is a film, but that is not its essence.  This is a daring,  substantive, scientific summoning to revolution.  6+ hours that can change how you see the world and what you do with the rest of your life."  - from one of the filmmakers

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Donate to Revolution Books now to raise $2,000 by May 5

Great ways to save Revolution Books ($2,000 needed by May 5th):
Sat., May 9th at 8 PM - Special performance of "Dreamscape", a powerful hip hop play that depicts the life, dreams, and death of Tyisha Miller, a 19 year old Black woman who was murdered by Riverside police in 1998.  Post-performance Q&A.  Call the bookstore for tickets.  $25/sliding scale.

Sat., May 16th at Noon - Guided tour of the new art exhibit, "50 Years and I Still Can't Breathe" at the Watts Towers, with UCLA Professor Emeritus Paul von Blum.  $25.  Discount for Friends of Revolution Books.
June 16 - 22 - Resort rental in charming Santa Fe, New Mexico.  1 BR, sleeps four.  $900 or best offer.  This is from a generous friend who supports Revolution Books.  Want a vacation but not this one?  Check out the website here and propose another place and date.
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