Friday, November 27, 2015

Seize the Moment! Black Lives Matter Friday

To Our Readers: Seize the Moment! 
Something very important and special is happening right now. People are rising up against the oppression of Black people, in many different ways. And this upsurge is taking place at a time when the rulers of this system - that brings so much misery and death to humanity--are up against a whole set of problems here and around the world.
 It is on those of us who see revolution as the solution to unite with and push on this struggle, standing with the people, connecting this with the movement for revolution, taking this uprising as far and as high as it can go. And as part of that, we also have a responsibility to lead people to call out and resist the fascist polarization against this. White racists are threatening and shooting at protestors in Minnesota who are demanding justice for Jamar Clark; Donald Trump had his followers assault a Black protestor at his rally; and so on.
The statement "On the Strategy for Revolution" from the RCP speaks to the challenges posed to revolutionaries at a moment like this: 
Read the rest of the message here.

From Stop Mass Incarceration Network - SoCal

Justice for Jamar Clark!
Justice for Laquan McDonald!
Police and Vigilante Terror Must STOP!


On Sunday, November 15th, 24 year old Jamar Clark was killed by police. The cops claim that Jamar tried to grab one of their guns - but many, many witnesses say that the cops handcuffed Jamar, knocked him to the ground, and then shot him in the head. For nine days a determined, angry encampment at the 4th District Police Station demanded that the video of Jamar's shooting be made public.

Last Monday, after days of threats, a group of white supremacists opened fire on the people demanding justice for Jamar, shooting four (none fatally). People in the encampment reported that the police, when they arrived, were more concerned with suppressing the protesters than capturing the attackers. On Tuesday, thousands of people of all nationalities marched in the streets of Minneapolis, demanding justice for Jamar and opposing the cowardly and vicious shooting. The courageous resisters in Minneapolis must be supported.
Read Carl Dix' statement on the racist attack in Minneapolis here.

After a year of foot dragging, video of the execution of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald was released and the cop who gunned him down charged with murder. Laquan was simply walking away when Jason Van Dyke, who had many previous complaints for excessive force and use of the 'n' word, shot him 16 times. Watch the video here. (The murder of Laquan McDonald begins at the 5 minute mark of the video.)

Chicago authorities are calling for calm now that Van Dyke has been indicted. As Carl Dix said, "NO! HELL NO! People in Chicago and everywhere else must come out on Friday, November 27 to let the powers-that-be know in no uncertain terms that this officially-sanctioned murder-which they have tried their damnedest to cover up-is absolutely unacceptable and illegitimate. ....People everywhere should go out with signs and whistles and begin agitating and raising hell, forming up actions on the spot.

"What are we supposed to do? Wait calmly while the district attorney who forgot how to prosecute when the defendant was the cop who gunned down Rekia Boyd handles the prosecution of another killer cop? While the legal system that denied the family of Darius Pinex even a shred of justice even though it got brought out into the open that the cops who had murdered him had spent years lying about how the killing went down oversees this case?"
Stop Mass Incarceration is calling on people around the country to come out on Friday, November 27 -- not 'Black Friday" but Black Lives Matter Friday -- and take defiant and determined action to make clear to everyone that MURDER AND TERROR BY POLICE AND WHITE VIGILANTES MUST STOP!

Los Angeles

6th & SAN PEDRO (Where Africa was shot)
Bring whistles and signs
Condemn the Vicious and Cowardly Vigilante Shooting!
Support the courageous resisters in Minneapolis!
Convict and Jail the Murderer of Laquan McDonald!

Monday, November 23, 2015

LA blocking train -600 no jail time

Press Release - LA: Three April 14 Protesters Convicted

For Immediate Release

On November 19, three young determined fighters to STOP 
murder by police were each convicted of 3 misdemeanor 
charges in LA Superior Court. These protestors dared to 
hit the streets April 14, 2015 to demand cops in the United 
States STOP murdering people, NOW. They were arrested 
at the protest by the LAPD.
For standing up to a reign of terror by police in this country, 
the system responded by targeting them politically, dragging 
them into court and piling on charges. The multiple charges 
these protestors faced, and now their trial convictions, are 
a clear-cut case of political persecution. A serious struggle 
to overturn these convictions and demand no jail time, and 
to drop the charges against seven other #ShutDownA14 
defendants whose trials start soon, is being mounted.
#ShutDownA14 in Los Angeles was part of nationwide 
actions to stop police murder, and came at a crucial juncture 
in this country. At the time of these April 14 actions, the 
mass U.S. protests following the murders of Michael Brown 
and Eric Garner had ebbed and the movement that had 
shaken the country since Ferguson was being attacked and 
slandered. There was an urgent need to retake the political 
offensive. These three defendants werepart of actions that 
took place in 30 U.S. cities on April 14. They took the streets 
with several thousand others nationwide to re-open the road 
of mass resistance to murder by police of Black and Latino 
people, who are specific targets of police violence in the U.S. 
The powers-that-be have zeroed in on those arrested at A14 
actions in vindictive prosecutions, as well as a number of 
other people who were arrested during the powerful upsurge 
over numerous months, to intimidate any others from 
standing up to demandpolice murder must STOP.
The trial of these three in LA Superior Court was an outrage. 
 Judge David Fields acted as prosecutor and worked hand-in-
glove with City Attorney Jennifer Waxler to paint the 
righteous protestors as criminals and the police as 
purveyors of fairness and public order. It’s not a good 
development that not one juror voted to reject what was 
clearly a politically-driven persecution aimed at suppressing 
mass protest against police brutality, murder and mass 
The protestors were convicted of “trespassing” on Metro 
Train property in downtown Los Angeles, “failure to comply 
with a lawful order by police” to leave the train tracks, and 
“willfully and maliciously obstructing streets and sidewalks” 
during the protest (for which there was an LA Police 
Commission approved permit!). The sentencing date for the 
defendants is December 3, the same day as the one year 
anniversary of the exoneration of the cop who choked Eric 
Garner to death.
The protestors face 3 years in jail! Yet, day after day and year 
after year – thousands of people in the U.S. are killed by 
police, including hundreds of unarmed people. Ezell Ford, 
Omar Abrego, Brother Africa, and so many others murdered 
by the LAPD, and no charges filed against the police 
responsible for their murders. Tamir Rice – a 12 year old 
child in Cleveland, murdered… yet no charges. Police are 
exonerated time after time, even when we ALL see police 
murders on video. This epidemic of police murdering people, 
and getting away with it time after time, makes the political 
convictions thathappened in Los Angeles Superior Court on 
Thursday, November 19th even more unacceptable and 
outrageous – a legal decision that must be responded to by 
broad sections of society with anger, condemnation and 
Screen Shot 2015-11-21 at 12.01.39 PM
What You Can Do:
Protest this latest act of political 
repression aimed at the movement 
to stop murder by police and 
demand the police who murdered 
12 year old Tamir Rice be indicted, 
convicted and sent to jail as part 
of nationwide actions on the one year anniversary of Tamir 
Rice’s murder by Cleveland Police:
Sunday, November 22
65th and Broadway
At the site of the LAPD murder of Ezell Ford
Monday, November 23
12 noon
Los Angeles Superior Court
210 W. Temple St
Call, or send letters to demand NO JAIL TIME for the 
convicted defendants and to demand DROP THE CHARGES 
on the remaining
seven A14 defendants to:
Mike Feuer, LA City Attorney
Jennifer Waxler, Prosecutor in LA City Attorney’s Office
And please send copies to
And/or call the Stop Mass Incarceration Network So Cal at
213-840-5348, including for info on the upcoming protest 

Friday, November 20, 2015

We're Packing Up and Moving This Weekend! Join in Friday, Saturday and Sunday

We're Packing Up and Moving Out!  
You Are Needed for an hour or a day or more:
Friday (12-7 PM), Saturday (10 AM-7 PM) and Sunday (12-7 PM)
5726 Hollywood Blvd. (& Wilton)
Get involved in the campaign to Relocate and Revitalize Revolution Books.  Though our doors will be temporarily closed, there is much to do now to re-open as soon as possible, on a strong and vibrant foundation.  Fundraising is key so that when we find a new home for the bookstore, we're able to move quickly, and with a slew of new books.  In the interim, we'll need you to be part of Revolution Books without Walls, as we set up literature tables throughout the area.  Contact us now at (323) 463-3500  - until Sunday; or (213) 304-9864 or after this weekend.

What will people find at the new Revolution Books? Books. Films. Talks. Dialogue. An ethos of cooperative relations and community. A movement for revolution and theory that guides it. But more, what makes Revolution Books unique? Nothing less than revolution - and an approach to revolution that lives and breathes with a scientific way to know and change the whole world, an approach that goes hand in hand with a poetic spirit - an appreciation of poetry, literature, and art that inspires the imagination; a critical spirit of inquiry and debate - of going for the truth; the liberating joy of struggle and the seriousness of a movement for an actual revolution that could at long last put an end to all forms of oppression and exploitation throughout the world. How rare, how needed is this today?
Most of all, what people find, and what is the heartbeat and foundation of it all, is the leadership of Bob Avakian, concentrated in the new synthesis of communism. BA has made a qualitative breakthrough in the science of revolution and communism. In a world crying out for fundamental change, and many decades after the previous great socialist revolutions were defeated, this is a game changer for a new stage of revolution and communism. At Revolution Books people have the opportunity to discover, to experience, to engage, and to be a part of a movement for an actual revolution that is guided by this scientific method and approach, and the concrete strategy and vision for a new society.

Humanity is up against horrific and complex problems -from the devastation of the environment; to the raging endless wars in the Middle East, with no liberatory armies in the field today; to the war on women throughout the world; to the unending terrorizing, incarceration, and murder of Black and Latino people in the U.S. To act on and change this world requires revolutionary theory to comprehend this, to find and see the patterns and pathways to change, and most of all to guide an actual revolution. It requires knowing quite a bit about the world. Thus, the mission of Revolution Books. Based on the deepened scientific method and approach of the new synthesis, people can learn from the diversity of experience and imagination in the books, films, and discussions found at Revolution Books to discover and understand the underlying dynamics driving the horrors of today's world and come to see why it is that revolution for a radically new world is necessary and possible. Revolution Books is a place of revolution with the wide arms and critical spirit and method to embrace the great breadth of human experience, where people from the projects, students from the universities, people from the neighborhoods, artists and intellectuals, people of all nationalities, genders and ages, wrestle with ideas and what it is going to take for humanity to get free. And it is a place where people can connect with the work of Bob Avakian, and have the opportunity to become a part of the movement for revolution.
Here is the challenge:  to see the tremendous need for this bookstore and be part of the campaign for Revolution Books.  It has everything to do with what kind of world you want to see.

Humanity Needs Revolution
The Revolution Needs Revolution Books
Revolution Books Needs You! 

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Thurs., Nov. 19th, 7:30 PM
#302- RNL
Join us for our twice-monthly screening and discussion of sections of the film BA Speaks:  Revolution--Nothing Less!  Bob Avakian Live. Every 1st and 3rd Thursday.  

This Thursday, 7:30 PM at Revolution Books
"Internationalism - The Whole World Comes First"   
A most timely excerpt to view and discuss.

"Yes, this is a film, but that is not its essence. This is a daring, substantive, scientific summoning to revolution. 6+ hours that can change how you see the world and what you do with the rest of your life. Is this hype? No." 
  -From one of the filmmakers
Get the 3-disk, 6-hour DVD and t-shirt and step into the revolution!

This will be our final event at the current location.  Stay tuned for upcoming events at venues to be announced.  Your donations, ideas and participation are needed to ensure that wherever Revolution Books relocates (as soon as possible!), it will be the kind of revitalized bookstore that can fully play the role of bringing forward emancipators of humanity.  Contact us now to contribute in whatever ways you can.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Fundraising Party for REVOLUTION BOOKS 
SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 14th, 5 to 10 PM 
5726 Hollywood Blvd. (& Wilton)
Conversation, Food, Fun!
Bring your generous donations
Revolution Books just lost our 5-year lease, but it is needed more than ever.  Join us at the fundraising party to kick-off the campaign to relocate and revitalize Revolution Books.
As a new wave of resistance grows against the way things have been for way too long - police murder of our Black and Brown youth in epidemic numbers, rape culture glorified while women's right to abortion is attacked; immigrants vilified, unjust wars raging, the planet itself endangered... people look for the books and the deep engagement about why the world is the way it is and the possibility of a radically different way to live.
What will people find at Revolution Books?   Books. Films. Talks. Dialogue. An ethos of cooperative relations and community. A movement for revolution and theory that guides it. What makes RB unique? Nothing less than revolution - and a scientific way to know and change the whole world, an approach that goes hand in hand with a poetic spirit; a critical spirit of inquiry and debate; the liberating joy of struggle and the seriousness of a movement for an actual revolution that could at long last put an end to all oppression and exploitation throughout the world.

The heartbeat of Revolution Books is the leadership of Bob Avakian, concentrated in the new synthesis of communism, a breakthrough in the science of revolution. In a world crying out for fundamental change, this is a game changer.
Here is the challenge: to see the tremendous need for this bookstore and the real basis to take this campaign for Revolution Books out everywhere and involve ever growing numbers of people who care about the future of humanity and the planet. See you and your friends at the party!
Call and volunteer your time, financial support, services, ideas: (323) 463-3500 or (213) 304-9864 or email

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Thurs.: Pack the Courtroom - First Trial Begins; Join the Artwalk Team

Received from Stop Mass Incarceration Network-SoCal

Right now three people are on trial for standing up to stop police
murder and seven more will be going on trial over the next few
weeks.  Watch this video and ask who are the criminals?

  #DropTheCharges on #ShutDownA14
Jail Killer Cops, Not Freedom Fighters!  
Stand With Those Standing Up to Stop Police Terror - 
Which Side Are You On?

Pack the courtroom: 10:30 AM Thurs. & Fri., Nov. 12 & 13 
and Mon. Nov. 16 
Los Angeles Superior Court, 210 West Temple Street,
downtown LA
7th floor Dept. 46   
213-840-5348 for more info 
October 26...A young Black woman assaulted and brutalized by school police in her classroom at Spring Valley High.  October 28.... Almonderez P. Green, 18, chased, shot and killed by St. Louis and Ferguson police who then claim that he killed himself.  November 3... Louisiana police shoot five bullets into the chest and head of SIX-year-old Jeremy Mardis, killing him as they shoot up the car driven by his unarmed father.  Tamir Rice... Michael Brown... Eric Garner... Sandra Bland... Charly "Africa" Leundeu Keunang... case after case, name after name, video after video we see the spearhead of a slow genocide unfold before our eyes. Illegitimate killing after illegitimate killing; brutality that wouldn't be accepted against an animal, found "justifiable" again and again when used against a people that have been criminalized and rendered less than human. Police who murder Black and Latino people almost never face charges, but those who protest to stop police murder are arrested, charged, and threatened with years in prison. 
On November 5th trial began for the first three of ten people who were arrested during #ShutDownA14 protests to stop police murder. After the nationwide protests of the murders of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, when the movement that has shaken the country since Ferguson was being attacked and slandered, on April 14th people took to the streets in more than 30 cities nationwide to say we are not backing down and nobody should accept a "business as usual" in which police kill people every day -- more than 970 so far this year. 
While cops murder and walk free, the A14 protesters face three misdemeanor charges, each carrying a possible one-year jail sentence. This is outrageous and all charges should be dropped immediately.  The people arrested are Stop Mass Incarceration Network members, people from the L.A. Revolution Club, communists, and others who stepped forward for #ShutDownA14. They must be defended. This is part of further building the movement to STOP police murder and terror which has reached a new level through the #RiseUpOctober actions in New York City October 22nd - 24th, culminating October 24th when thousands, led by family members who have lost loved ones to murder by police, marched through Manhattan, carrying pictures of the people killed, demanding an end to police murder and terror and putting the challenge to the whole world: Which Side Are You On? Anyone who wants to see an end to terror by police needs to side with all those under attack, from the #ShutDownA14 defendants to Quentin Tarantino to all the #BlackLivesMatter protesters - standing up together in the face of attempts to stop this growing movement.
We cannot allow the state to repress this movement by taking leaders and fighters from us. Defending the A14 freedom fighters is part of continuing to Rise Up to Stop Police Murder and Terror. We cannot allow them to turn reality upsidedown by painting freedom fighters as criminals instead of the murdering police! Support the A14 defendants! Their unjust charges must be dropped! 
What you can do: 

·       Pack the courtroom Thursday, Nov. 12, and daily throughout the trial: 
210 W. Temple St., Department 46, daily from 10:30am-12pm and 1:30-4:30pm
·       Pack the courtroom again Monday, November 16th when the remaining seven defendants appear to begin the next trial.  Join the 8 AM press conference in front of the courthouse. 
·       Demand City Attorney Jennifer Waxler drop ALL charges on ALL those arrested for #ShutDown14: call her at 213.978.7840 or e-mail support statements to (
·       Spread the word everywhere on social media: #DropTheCharges on all those arrested on #ShutDownA14! Jail killer cops, not freedom fighters!
Find us on Facebook, and/or call 213-840-5348.  SMIN meetings are Tuesdays7PM at the USC School of Social Work Room 110.   
Downtown L.A. Artwalk
Thurs., Nov. 12th, 7 pm
Meet up at 5th &Spring, between the SE corner and the LATC building or call (213) 304-9864. 

Join a squad to reach out to thousands of high school and college students and others at the Downtown L.A. art walk, taking out the #A14 court case and standing with those protesting police terror.