Saturday, September 27, 2014

Ebony & Ivy: Booksigning with Dr. Craig Wilder - Sun., Sept. 28

Booksigning and Presentation

Ebony & Ivy: Race, Slavery &  the Troubled History of America's Universities

with author & MIT Professor Craig Wilder

Sunday, Sept. 28th, 3 pm  
$10 at the door 

   Just out in paperback!
Join us to hear from Craig Steven Wilder who in his book, Ebony & Ivy, examines how many major U.S. universities - Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Brown, Dartmouth, Rutgers, Williams and the University of North Carolina, among others - are drenched in the sweat, and sometimes the blood, of Africans brought to the United States as slaves. He reveals how the slave economy and higher education grew up together.  
"...a passionate recounting of the collective dehumanization of African-Americans coincident with the rise in power and prestige of the Atlantic college, particularly the Ivy League." -  Wall Street Journal               

Prof. Wilder is also the author of In the Company of Black Men: The African Influence on African American Culture in New York City and A Covenant with Color: Race and Social Power in Brooklyn. He has advised and appeared in numerous historical documentaries, including the celebrated Ken Burns, Sarah Burns, and David McMahon film, The Central Park Five

"When you think about the colonial world, until the American Revolution, there is only one college in the South, William & Mary ... The other eight colleges were all Northern schools, and they're actually located in key sites, for the most part, of the merchant economy where the slave traders had come to power and rose as the financial and intellectual backers of new culture of the colonies."                
-  Craig Steven Wilder 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Where we are in the revolution - right now!
"The Bob Avakian - Cornel West Dialogue, the Month of Resistance, and Making a Major Leap Toward Revolution"
A critical talk this week that will get into where we are in the revolution -- right now!  The talk will be Friday, Sept. 26th, 7:30-9:00 pm at Revolution Books.

All with a concern for the emancipation of humanity, all who know about, have gotten into and are are just learning about BA (Bob Avakian) - don't miss it! 

Revolution Books needs your support now 
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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Meet Sunsara Taylor and the Abortion Rights Freedom Riders - Sun., 9/14, 3 pm Celebration Dinner

Sunday, September 14, 3pm
Revolution Books LA
5726 Hollywood Blvd 
Week of Defiance: STAND UP for women's liberation
Week of Defiance: STAND UP for women's liberation

CELEBRATION DINNER to welcome back and celebrate the brave freedom riders of the Abortion Rights Freedom Ride 2014: Ground Zero Texas! and hear them report back from an amazing and historic month long battle to prevent the closure of abortion clinics.

We are especially pleased to announce that Sunsara Taylor, writer for Revolution ( and initiator of End Pornography and Patriarchy: The Enslavement and Degradation of Women, will be joining us for this celebration!

The fact that people put their lives on hold, their bodies on the line to tell the truth about abortion and fight against female enslavement should be honored and celebrated!
The Abortion Rights Freedom Riders not only resisted the immediate closure of abortion clinics in Texas (something which was won temporarily, but which is being appealed Fri, Sept. 12th), they took a leap in carving out a new path of mass political independent resistance - rather than reliance on the dead-end of electoral politics - to stop this war on women.

Their impact in Texas was real. They modeled a different direction, set a new standard, and inspired and involved many. Check out some of the incredible media they got here, and at the video compilation above. We have lots to build on.

The Abortion Rights Freedom Riders must be celebrated! This is an essential part of building on what was accomplished and going forward.

Everyone who cares about the future of women... everyone who donated to or followed the Abortion Rights Freedom Ride... everyone who is friends with or family to the Riders... everyone - especially students and young people - who is just hearing about this now and is inspired or intrigued to meet these courageous individuals, who wants to learn more, and who wants to be part of breaking bread and forging community for a better world.

The Abortion Rights Freedom Ride accomplished amazing things with the generous support of hundreds of donors. Yet, there is a need to raise an additional $15,000 to cover the full costs of the Ride and be in a position to go forward. All are encouraged to donate generously and there are ways for everyone who wants to to get involved in helping raise these necessary funds. You can donate now by clicking here.

Spread this invitation through e-lists and social media, make announcements on air or in class, spread to religious congregations and post on bulletin boards.


Wake people up in Los Angeles to the national emergency:


In 2011 there were 46 clinics in Texas and if and when HB2 goes into effect there will be only 6.   This would be the biggest clinic closure in a single state since Roe vs Wade.  HB2 was temporarily blocked by Federal Judge Yeakel on August 29,  but that could be reversed as it goes before the 5th Circuit Court Saturday, Sept. 12 for review. 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Screening of Carl Dix on Standing with the Defiant Ones 
of Ferguson and on the October Month of Resistance:
"The genocidal program is real... it's illegitimate...
it's immoral... it must be stopped"

Thursday, Sept. 11th, 7:30 pm at Revolution Books

Above:  Carl Dix singled out by "good cop" Ron Johnson for arrest.

Come see the video and discuss Carl Dix' new talk given at 
Revolution Books, New York, when he returned from Ferguson.  

Michael Brown, an unarmed teenager, was shot dead in broad 
daylight by the police. That night the youth rose up in defiant 
rebellion and the whole world suddenly knew about it. Carl Dix 
was there, standing with the defiant ones.

Hear from those who went to stand with the people who have been 
standing up against the outrage of Michael Brown's murder. Hear 
the truth about the courageous resistance that has riveted and 
given heart to millions and horrified the powers-that-be, provoking 
vicious attacks from their mouthpieces in the media and those 
"respectable leaders" looking for a bootlicking place at the table.

Carl Dix is a co-founder, with Dr. Cornel West, of the Stop Mass 
Incarceration Network.  He is a representative of the Revolutionary 
Communist Party. From opposing the Vietnam War inside the US 
military in the 1960's to fighting to stop mass incarceration and 
police terror, Carl has spent his life opposing injustice. He issued a
statement condemning the police murder of Michael Brown that 
has circulated widely in Ferguson. Along with Dr. West, Carl put 
out the Call for the October 2014 Month of Resistance to Mass 
Incarceration, Police Terror, Repression and the Criminalization 
of a Generation. 

"...the people rising up in Ferguson changed everything - it's got 
people all across the country talking about police murder, talking 
about this shit. But then on the other hand, it ain't changed anything 
yet - because that killer cop is still walking the streets. Just like the 
cops that murdered Eric Garner in Staten Island. Just like the cops who 
murdered that young brother Ezell Ford in Los Angeles. Just like the 
cops who murdered that brother in Dayton in the toy lane in the 
Walmart store and all kinds of killer cops all across the country.

"This has got to stop and we got to continue a fight for justice 
around all of these cases. But we also have to connect them to a 
larger struggle. Because this is a key part of a genocidal program 
that's being brought down that centers around criminalization of 
Black and Latino people-warehousing them in prison, unleashing 
their pigs to brutalize and even murder them. We gotta step to this 
and we gotta stop it..."

Friday, September 5, 2014

Stop Mass Incarceration Strategy Meeting - Sept. 6

Received from the Stop Mass Incarceration Network:

YOU ARE INVITED TO THE NEXT SO CAL STRATEGY MEETING for the October Month of Resistance to Mass Incarceration, Police Terror, Repression, and the Criminalization of a Generation.
The defiant outpouring of resistance to the police murder of Michael Brown has radically changed the face of society. The resistance to the murder of Michael Brown forced society to confront the truth that every year hundreds of youth are shot down in the same way, and nobody is ever punished for it. But the last month reveals something else, equally important: that when people defiantly resist they can radically change the situation.

Right now we need more struggle against police terror, mass incarceration, repression and the criminalization of a generation! More participation in many different ways from many different people, especially on the campuses where so much ferment erupted... more mobilization of those directly targeted by mass incarceration and police terror... greater involvement from all those who understand how wrong all this is and how much it devastates the lives of so many thousands and millions. The urgent demand that the murdering cops of Mike Brown in Ferguson, and Ezell Ford and Omar Abrego here in Los Angeles, be indicted and jailed must not be put to the side. Instead these demands must be front and center and must be fought for and met, now.
The October Month of Resistance to Mass Incarceration, Police Terror, Repression, and the Criminalization of a Generation must not only build on the resistance that has come forward in Ferguson, it must broaden it and it must strengthen key parts of it
By the end of October, it must be clear to everyone that there has emerged in this society an active, growing pole of opposition to this genocidal program that demands that it STOP. Everyone must throw in and throw down on one side or the other. From every corner of society the illegitimacy of the New Jim Crow and all it's consequences must bust out in such a way that people in their millions are forced to pay attention to this and to confront their role in relation to it. Are they going to let this horrific program keep happening? Or are they going to actively resist it? 
The time is now for students to again become the conscience of society-to again become that force determined to shape the future. Black and Latino youth of this country, hounded and harassed and beaten and jailed -- by the millions consigned to prison cells and demonized -- and sometimes outright killed by the enforcers of this system, must be reached and mobilized to step forward again to take up the October Month of Resistance, and this time across the country. The "blow the whistle" movement must reach deep among this section of people, where whole communities will be blowing the whistle every time the police come around to harass and suppress the people. October 2014 must be brought into the scene of every outrage and every outpouring of protest and resistance, and reach into the hellhole prisons of America, where millions have been penned in brutal, sub-human conditions and tens of thousands tortured in long-term solitary confinement. October 22 - the National Day of Protest to Stop Police Brutality, Repression and the Criminalization of a Generation - must be powerfully expressed in school walkouts and defiant, truly mass demonstrations all across the country. Here is So Cal, massive outreach is needed to reach out to society for the call to be at Olympic and Broadway at 2pm on October 22.
This meeting we will strategize and plan all this out. The college campuses, faith community, neighborhoods, and the culture and art scene all need to be holding events and taking action in October. Who needs to be at this meeting? All those whose lives are most directly affected... all kinds of organizations who are outraged about the fact that so many people have been criminalized, locked up and shot down... students, the concerned religious community, prominent voices of conscience... and many others who are just learning about this and don't want to live in a country where millions are being treated this way.
Meeting Hosted by Stop Mass Incarceration Network and USC United University Church. Phone for info: 213-840-5348 / email: /

Friday, August 29, 2014

Post on Facebook, Twitter, bring friends. 
Click here for flyer to print, post. 

On the line with Revolution - Nothing Less t-shirts in Ferguson. DONATE to make more of these powerful shirts and get them to Ferguson and to front-lines in L.A. now! $600 will make 100. Bring cash donations ASAP to Revolution Books or donate on-line via the PayPal button in the top right-hand corner of this blog. 

T-shirt NOW AVAILABLE at Revolution Books and at the Monday BBQ with new English/Spanish bilingual design, $15.
If you are inspired by the determined resistance in Ferguson, Missouri against yet another police murder of a young unarmed Black man in America...
If you want to get with the movement for revolution and the revolutionary leader Bob Avakian, or if you want to learn more...

Come to the picnic on Labor Day.  Now here is something to celebrate: Another world IS possible. There IS a way out of the horror and madness of this system and there IS the vision and leadership of Bob Avakian (BA) for a radically new society that could be brought about through revolution.  

Learn more and get involved in the BA Everywhere campaign to raise funds to spread this all over -- especially at a time when people are asking "why" and looking for how to make these outrages end.
An historic announcement from the Revolutionary Communist Party will be read at the picnic.

Bring friends! -- All ages
For more on Bob Avakian, the Revolutionary Communist Party, and the movement for revolution go to To volunteer with the BA Everywhere Committee, call 213.304.9864 or email.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Monday Aug 25: Justice for Michael Brown, Ezell Ford & Omar Abrego! Wear Black Armbands & Act!

Please spread this via email, twitter, Facebook and word of mouth!
We received the following announcements from
the Stop Mass Incarceration Network:
The Stop Mass Incarceration Network received the following call 
from students in Ferguson for a walkout from school.  We urge students 
everywhere to participate.
On Saturday, August 9, 2014 Officer Darren Wilson shot 
Mike Brown, an unarmed, Black, 18-year-old with his hands 
up in a posture of surrender. Two weeks later, the officer has 
not been arrested and police have used excessive force and 
military weapons against peaceful protesters.
Monday, August 25, 2014 should have been Mike Brown's 
first day of college. Instead, it is the day of his funeral.
Youth in Ferguson are calling for a student walkout to honor 
Mike Brown and protest police violence and racial profiling. 
On Monday, August 25th, stage a walkout on your campus. 
Commit to walking out for Mike Brown and create an event 
to invite others to join you.