Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Looking for where you can build for Rise Up October? Click HERE for a Calendar of Events.

Get on the Bus/Train/Plane to NYC for RiseUpOctober!

Received from Stop Mass Incarceration SoCal.  We recommend:

Countdown toOctober 24  
STOP Police Terror!
You Are Needed at the 
#RiseUpOctober Meeting
 Tuesday, October 6, 7 pm
USC United University Church
Hoover and Jefferson
(on campus side)

                                          From Stop Mass Incarceration Network

     RiseUpOctober is less than 3 weeks away. We will be discussing fundraising, outreach, the political obstacles we need to take on and overcome, and everything involved in getting people to New York so that #RiseUpOctober will change history.

     We will also finalize Los Angeles plans for October 22nd, the 20th annual National Day of Protest to STOP Police Brutality, Repression, and the Criminalization of a Generation.

    RiseUpOctober is a necessary action. As of October 4, 880 people have been killed by police this year. The resistance of the last year has inspired thousands. Now we stand at a historical crossroads: will this resistance be taken to a new level, where members of 100 families of victims of police brutality will be joined by many thousands more, from all walks of life, demanding an END to police terror in New York City. Will the people put those who brutalize and murder our people under color of authority on notice, push back their relentless attacks on the people, and issue the challenge to millions more worldwide: Which Side Are You On?

     Or will people settle back into hopelessness or ignorance and "get used to" this outrageous epidemic of police terror, violence and murder? None of this is decided. The answer is up to us.

     Come to the #RiseUpOctober meeting. Take responsibility for changing history on October 24th in New York City. Donate here to the $100,000 indiegogo fundraising campaign to bring 100 families to New York City to be at the head of the march on October 24.

Rise Up October! has been initiated by 
Dr. Cornel West and Carl Dix
NATIONAL: The Stop Mass Incarceration Network /
Email: stopmassincarceration@gmail.com
FB: stopmassincerationnetwork / Twitter:@StopMassIncNet /
Phone: Call 646-709-1961
Southern California: Phone: 213-840-5348
Email: StopMassIncarcerationSoCal@yahoo.com /
Twitter: @Smin_LA

Pick up RiseUpOctober posters, palm

 cards, and flyers at Revolution Books.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Save These Dates - Join Revolution Books at these Events!

Sunday, September 20th, 5 PM
Join us at our Revolution Books booth at
"Calling All Rebels:  

The Moral Imperative to Revolt" 
Delhi Center
505 E Central Ave, Santa Ana, CA 92707
We'll be bringing key literature and building
for #RiseUpOctober and support for
Revolution Books. 

Buy tix here or at the door.
Wednesday, September 23rd, 6:30 PM
Co-sponsors Stop Mass Incarceration Network, KRST Unity Center of Afrakan Spiritual
Science, Rev. Frank Wulf of USC United University Church, and Revolution Books 
invite you to hear Carl Dix and get ready for a massive #RiseUpOctober: 

Crucial readings:  "Which Side Are You On?  Why There Must Be a Truly
MASSIVE Outpouring Against Police Murder on October 24 and Why YOU
Are Needed"

The Struggle to Stop Police Murder"
Saturday, September 26th, 7 PM
Join us for a special Revolution Books fundraiser at opening
weekend of The Black Panthers:  Vanguard of the Revolution.  
The director, Stanley Nelson, will attend the post-screening Q&A.  

NuArt Theater, 11272 Santa Monica Blvd, LA 90025

Contact us for tickets.  
See the trailer here.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Thursday, September 17th, 7:30 PM
Join us #302- RNL for our twice-monthly screening and discussion of sections of the film BA Speaks:  Revolution--Nothing Less!  Bob Avakian Live.
Every 1st and 3rd Thursday.  

This Thursday:  
"As Bad as Bush Was...
Obama Is Even Worse" 
"Yes, this is a film, but that is not its essence. 
  This is a daring, substantive, scientific summoning
to revolution. 6+ hours that can change how you
see the world and what you do with the rest of your life.  Is this hype? No.
  -From one of the filmmakers
Get the 3-disk, 6-hour DVD and t-shirt and step into the revolution!

Friday, September 11, 2015

Revolution Books - essential to making revolution...raise the funds to renew the lease

Friday, September 11th, 2 PM*
Emergency Meeting for Revolution Books -
Fundraising, Renegotiating a New Lease, and Exciting Plans
If your heart felt ripped out to see 3-year old Aylan Kurdi's lifeless body in the surf...
   If you can't bear to see yet another person murdered by police...
       If you dream of another way the future should be...
"Imperialism is a Nightmare for Humanity" and
"There IS a Way Out through Revolution - Nothing Less!" 
Revolution Books is the place to dig into why both of these are true, and then go back
out in the world to change it.
So here's a challenge:  Our five-year lease runs out next month.   We need to raise
$3,000 right away to begin negotiations.  
Become a Friend of Revolution Books today - by making a one-time donation of $250
or $20 a month (or more).
Be an important part of raising $3,000 by Tuesday.
Become part of opening up a broad understanding of why the world is the horror
it is for the majority of humanity, how the world could be radically transformed;
raising sights to a radically new society, and giving people an opportunity - an
invitation - to act on that understanding, to be a part of the great and historic
endeavor of revolution.

  * Can't join us at that time?  Call us or stop by and let's talk! 

 Thursday, September 9

Volunteers needed to take out the new
special student issue of Revolution

at the Downtown LA Artwalk
7 PM - Meet at 5th & Spring, SE Corner
Call Revolution Books for more info.
One key article to read and discuss: Reform or Revolution

Saturday, September 12

Big Yard Sale to Raise Funds for the Bookstore!

Volunteers and donations of items to sell are much needed!  Contact Revolution
Books to help set up (7-9 AM), staff the sale (pick a shift between 9 AM - 4 PM),
and pack up (4-6 PM).  We'll be on the cooler westside!  

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Thursday, September 3rd, 7:30 PM
Join us for our twice-monthly, always stimulating screening and discussion of sections
of the film BA Speaks:  Revolution--Nothing Less!  Bob Avakian Live.  Every 1st and 3rd Thursday.  

This week:   "The Election Hustle:  If They Draw You In, They Win"  
"Yes, this is a film, but that is not its essence. This is a daring, substantive,
scientific summoning to revolution. 6+ hours that can change how you see the
world and what you do with the rest of your life. Is this hype? No.
  -From one of the filmmakers

Get the 3-disk, 6-hour DVD and t-shirt and step into the revolution!
Hot Off the Press!
Pick up your copy of the new book, Science and Revolution, An Interview with Ardea Skybreak (11.95).  And grab copies for friends and family.
In the early part of this year (2015), over a number of days, Revolutionconducted a wide-ranging interview with Ardea Skybreak.  A scientist with professional training in ecology and evolutionary biology, and an advocate of the new synthesis of communism brought forward by Bob Avakian, Skybreak is the author of, among other works, The Science of Evolution and the Myth of Creationism: Knowing What's Real and Why It Matters, and Of Primeval Steps and Future Leaps, An Essay on the Emergence of Human Beings, the Source of Women's Oppression, and the Road to Emancipation.
If you value all that we are doing to change the world, 
become a Friend of Revolution Books  now!  
This is the most important way to enable this indispensable bookstore to
become self-sufficient -- by making a monthly (or quarterly) contribution
that we can count on.  You can donate every month by credit card, Paypal,
check or cash.  You receive 10% off on book sales, and most importantly,
you become a crucial part of a network of people who are the lifeline of
Revolution Books.  Contact us to talk about many ways that you can play
a vital role in saving this bookstore.