Friday, March 31, 2017

On the "Driving Force of Anarchy" and the Dynamics of Change - Join the Discussion Sunday

Received from the Revolution Club-LA

Discussion and Salon
Sunday, April 2
5 PM
2716 S. Vermont, #8 (upstairs)
 (just south of Adams)

The world is a horror because of the system of capitalism-imperialism. 
  • Is this true? Why or why not? 
  • What is capitalism? 
  • What are the dynamics of capitalism? 
  • Can capitalism be reformed? 
  • Can society be organized differently and why do we need a revolution to accomplish that?
We encourage everyone participating to read the entire article before the discussion.

"The world is a horror. More precisely, the world created and reinforced by capitalism-imperialism is one of unjust wars and brutal occupations, of life-crushing poverty and savage inequality, of the pervasive subordination and degradation of women. This is a world-and here it is proper to speak of the planet-on which accelerating environmental crisis is not only part of the warp and woof of everyday life, but threatening the very ecological balances and life-support systems of Earth.

The suffering of world humanity and the perilous state of the planet are, at their core, the outcome of the workings of the fundamental contradiction of our epoch: between highly socialized, interconnected, and globalized forces of production, on the one hand; and relations of private ownership and control over these forces of production, on the other. But locked within this contradiction is the potential for humanity to move beyond scarcity, beyond exploitation, and beyond social division-the potential to organize society on a whole different foundation that will enable human beings to truly flourish.

Which is to say, the world as it not the way it must and can only be."