Thursday, August 3, 2017

Friday - The Michael Slate Show: Sunsara Taylor, Defending Courageous Students at Claremont McKenna College; Alice Childress' "Trouble in Mind"; Jeffery Robinson, ACLU, on Trump's Long Island speech

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Friday, August 4, 2017
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This week:

Sunsara Taylor, Defending the Claremont McKenna College Students and Getting Ready for the Future
Sunsara Taylor, writer for / Revolution newspaper, and co-initiator of, joins us to talk about the harsh punishment given to students at Claremont McKenna College in Claremont, California, for setting an example for people everywhere by shutting down a speech by the white supremacist and fascist Heather Mac Donald. Three students have been suspended for a year and two others suspended for a semester for the non-violent protest that stopped Mac Donald from spreading fascism and white supremacy, attacking the Black Lives Matter movement and portraying killer cops as victims. Defending these students, and others who may be targeted, is a crucial part of opposing fascism.

Trouble in Mind, by Alice Childress, at the Theatricum Botanicum

We'll speak with actors Earnestine Phillips and Max Lawrence, from Trouble in Mind, now at the Theatricum Botanicum. The play, by Alice Childress, was first perfomed in 1955. It portrays a group of mostly African American actors who begin rehearsals of a new play written by a white playwright, under the direction of a white director. During the course of the rehearsal, it becomes clear to one member of the Black cast that following the direction they are given would mean giving up part of their humanity. 

Jeffery Robinson, ACLU, on Trump's "police state" speech in Long Island 

We will also be joined by Jeffery RobinsonACLU Deputy Legal Director and Director of the Trone Center for Justice and Equality, on his recent article "Donald Trump's Talk to Police Officers Was Police-State Authoritarianism Distilled to Its Essence".