Monday, August 8, 2016

Urgent Appeal to Support Revolution Books - NYC

3 More Days to Raise $15,000 more 
for Revolution Books - New York City:
We urge you to be part of donating to theIndie-Go-Go campaign of Revolution Books - NYC to bring it to a successful finish by August 10th.  It is the flagship bookstore in our nationwide network and is modelling what a whole new society could actually look like.  As their spokesperson Andy Zee said, "Revolution Books, the name, is not a marketing slogan.  We mean both words of our name. It is a place that has the vision, the hope, and the actual practical understanding for an actual revolution, and that is the motivation behind it."  

The simple and brute fact is that Revolution Books, the bookstore about the world for a radically different world, cannot survive and grow by selling books alone.  Check out their website to find out about some of their thousands of titles, including the works of revolutionary leader Bob Avakian; exciting upcoming programs; powerful past events there.

DONATE GENEROUSLY NOW.  Incredible premiums are available for a wide range of contributions.

Without RB, the world stays as it is. It's just that serious.
TELL THE WORLD about why they should give all they can to this unique revolutionary bookstore.
SEND RB-NY YOUR STORY about how Revolution Books matters to the world-- especially now. Send a vine, text, Youtube, or photo of you holding 6 revealing words on a card.  (
Read articles about this fund drive from the American Booksellers Association and Publishers Weekly.