Friday, October 28, 2016

U of Chicago Police Viciously Assaulted & Arrested Revolutionaries On Campus Wed., Oct. 26, Don't Stand By!

We  received the following from the Get Into the Revolution National Organizing Tour 2016-2017. Find out more about the tour HERE.

U of Chicago Police Viciously Assaulted & Arrested Revolutionaries On Campus Wed., Oct. 26, Don't Stand By!

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"America Was NEVER Great! We Need to Overthrow, Not Vote for, This System!"  This was the message being delivered by Noche Diaz, of the Get Into the Revolution National Organizing Tour, moments before he was violently assaulted and arrested by University of Chicago Police as he was peacefully leaving Campus North Residential Commons.  Police assaulted others, sending one young woman to the hospital.

This is now the 2nd attack on this national tour, and on Noche Diaz, in 5 days.  The first attack was on Sat., at the October 22 demonstration against police terror and mass incarceration, where police on the scene actually violated the permit that had been issued earlier in the week for a march in the street, and jumped on people while they were on the sidewalk.  Then today, while U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry was speaking on campus, the Revolution Club was engaging U of C students in discussion and debate and verbally exposing the actual character of John Kerry as a war criminal, citing not only the whole history of the U.S. in that region but the current onslaught against the civilians of Yemen which has been backed to the hilt by the U.S., Chicago police again attacked the club (and yes, the U of C police ARE a branch of the CPD) and in this case, after they had let Noche go and he was walking away, they suddenly reversed course and one of the pigs said, "We were told" to arrest him...
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1. Make these demands heard on social media - tweet the article about this from , post the pictures and videos. This needs to be made a BIG DEAL in society. Everyone should add their voices and make clear the reactionary attack on revolutionaries is UNACCEPTABLE.

2. Email the President of the University of Chicago with these concrete and specific demands.
Robert J. Zimmer, The University of Chicago

3. Call Chicago Police Department at 51st and Wentworth to demand the charges against Noche Diaz be dropped, 312.747.8366

4. Contribute funds HERE for the Get With The Revolution Tour to continue and maximize its reach. Funds are needed for legal fees, travel, materials - all the kinds of ways for this to reach out even further in the face of these attacks. Get in touch with the Tour at 312.502.7485 or spread this crowdrise site everywhere you can:



Carl Dix is a courageous freedom fighter from the 1960s who became a revolutionary fighter and a communist.  Dix spent two years in military prison for refusing to fight the unjust Vietnam War.  He became a founding member of the Revolutionary Communist Party and is a follower and advocate of the new synthesis of communism developed by Bob Avakian.  Together with Cornel West, Dix co-founded the Stop Mass Incarceration Network.

Sunsara Taylor is an ardent follower of Bob Avakian, a fighter for his leadership and the new synthesis of communism, and actual revolution.  She writes for Revolution ( and has led resistance to this system's wars of aggression, against police terror and mass incarceration, and against all forms of enslavement and degradation of women.  Taylor is the key founder of End Pornography and Patriarchy: The Enslavement and Degradation of Women.