Friday, January 20, 2017

Get in the streets. Stay in the streets. Be determined to prevent this regime from ruling - Tomorrow meet up with Refuse Fascism at the Women's March-LA

We received the following from

Southern California Resisters!

Saturday, January 21 - Meet up at 7:30 AM at 5th & Hill in Downtown LA (Pershing Square Metro Stop).  Join the RefuseFascism contingent at the Women's March LA tomorrow.  Bring your determination to STOP this regime, as hundreds of thousands pour into the streets from DC to LA, and around the world.  Bring everyone you know who opposes this illegitimate, fascist Trump/Pence regime! 

Be a part of getting out the message that this American Hitler will only be stopped by staying in the streets.  Your participation will be decisive in distributing thousands of the new bilingual flyer, new posters, and new "I for Illegitimate"stickers.  Bring drums, noisemakers, and all of your friends and family.  

Let's make history.  The whole world is watching.

Contact us now at 323.946.1742 or to become an organizer of organizers of the millions who are agonizing over the horror of this incoming regime and want to be a part of stopping it.

To receive text updates, text NOTRUMP to 21000