Monday, January 9, 2017

Action TODAY, Jan. 9, 4-8 PM; Next Steps in the Fight to Stop the Trump/Pence Regime Before It Starts

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Action TODAY, Jan. 9, 4-8 PM; 
Next Steps in the Fight to Stop the Trump/Pence Regime Before It Starts

Momentum is growing in the fight to Stop the Trump/Pence Regime Before It Starts! But there is still a big challenge to reach the millions who don't yet know about this movement, and involve them in becoming active participants in the streets.  Join us Wednesday for the next critical organizing meeting (see details below).

Here Are the Next Steps. You are needed to make these powerful advances:

Monday Jan 9 at 4 - 8 PM,  LA City Hall, 200 N. Spring St LA 90012 
The first day of Congress after certifying Trump's election.Joe Biden said "it's over."  NO! NO! NO! - we are calling on the tens of thousands going thru downtown LA and on the freeways during rush hour to say NO! it's NOT over!  Stop the Trump-Pence Regime Before It Starts!  March from City Hall to the freeway overpasses with NO! banners and then march over to Little Tokyo where we'll reach the Japanese American community including those who had families who were put into U.S. internment camps during World War II.  

Tuesday, Jan 10 at 9 AM, Press Conference, Church of the Epiphany, 2808 Altura St., Lincoln Hts, LA 90031.  NO!  Stop the Trump-Pence Regime Before It Starts
No Trump!  No Pence!  No Walls!  No Deportations!  No Racism!

This press event will feature the NO! campaign that declares: In The Name Of Humanity, We Refuse To Accept A Fascist America.  Its focus is a call to immigrant masses, and their sisters and brothers everywhere, to HIT THE STREETS, Sunday, January 15 at 2pm in downtown Los Angeles, at Olympic and Broadway.  Rally on Olympic and Broadway, followed by a march to LA City Hall.  This event is part of mobilizing millions throughout the U.S. to prevent the Trump-Pence regime from consolidating power.

Featured speakers are co-initiators and signatories of's CALL TO ACTION recently published in the New York Times.

Isabel Cardenas, Salvadoran American activist
Fr. Richard Estrada, Priest in the LA Episcopal Diocese, immigration and human rights activist
Rev. Richard Wulf, Pastor, Echo Park United Methodist Church
Ernesto de la Loza, muralist

Wednesday, Jan. 11th6:30 PM - Your attendance is critical at the next organizing meeting at Echo Park United Methodist Church, 1226 N. Alvarado, just off Sunset in L.A.  Bring your friends, ideas, and donations!

Thursday - Friday, Jan 12-13 Walk Out!
In So Cal and throughout the country - middle schools, high school, colleges and universities:  Walk Out!  Jan 12-13 - a massive mobilization of students.  We are millions!  Our only recourse now is to act outside normal channels.  Oppose the white supremacy of Trump-Pence, their attacks on immigrants, Trump's crude degrading of women and his utter contempt for scientific truth and facts.  Walk Out!  Hit The streets!  No Business As Usual!

Saturday Jan 14 LA City Hall 200 N. Spring St LA 90012 starting at 12 noon - 

Martin Luther King weekend - we take action to highlight and raise determined opposition to the white supremacist, American chauvinist, religiously bigoted character of this fascist movement and regime.  Starting Saturday, Jan 14, at LA City Hall we draw forward everything thus far built, and build further.  WE ARE CALLING FORWARD MILLIONS - WE ARE CALLING FORWARD YOU, and YOU organize others who organize others.  We plan to STAY in the streets, encamp at LA City Hall, to demand Trump-Pence be prevented from taking office before Jan 20.  Our actions in LA are part of nationwide actions, with the focus on millions in DC.  #FloodDC

Your donations and fundraising are urgently needed!
Contribute to the national fund drive to reach the $100,000 goal for major ads in newspapers and on-line publications.  
And/or donate to the local fund drive for the #NoFascistUSA car caravan from LA to DC, and for all of the posters, flyers, stickers, and banners to spread this movement throughout SoCal.  Ask friends, colleagues, and family to match your donations!

This weekend the #NoFascistUSA car caravan to DC got a send-off from LA! Next stop Arizona, as they head to Washington, DC to be part of bringing DC to a halt.

In addition, teams went to the Palm Springs Film Festival, the Golden Globes, Orange County storekeepers, and churches.  An artist is creating powerful No! banners using stencils, so contact us if you want to work with him.  One highlight was meeting a father and son who just heard about RefuseFascism on the radio, and stopped by the office last night at 11 PM after driving from San Diego County to deliver No! car magnets for the car caravan, plus two beautiful English and Spanish banners, stickers, t-shirts and hats that they donated. They took a big stack of posters and flyers to distribute back in their area.  

Send your photos and short reports on what you are doing to Stop the Trump/Pence Regime Before It Starts! to the national office at, and to the local office at  We look forward to hearing from you!

In Southern California?  
Contact us at 323.946.1742 or to get involved. 
You are needed!